Interested in joining?

We are not currently taking new applications for members, but you can give an expression of interest via the form linked below to be the first to hear when we are. You can also email us at furzecoop [at ]

Our Values

If you are interested in joining us you should read our purpose and values document, as you need to agree with the purpose and values to become a member.

Like all policy agreements, this is a living document which will grow with the coop through the democratic processes of the coop.

The main aims of the coop are:

  • Build secure (cooperatively owned & managed) eco-homes
  • Build a long-term, multigenerational community
  • Support others to build cooperative housing

Would you like to live with us when it’s time to move in – in 2024?

The dream?
> Long-term, secure, affordable eco housing.

> Collectively designed for community living.
> No landlords! Democratic and collectively owned and run by residents.
> Community of shared meals and mutual aid
> Open to people of any age, with or without children, and of any income including those receiving housing benefit.
> You don’t need any cash upfront to join

Pre-build membership – currently closed to new members

We currently have 9 pre-build members – and a 10yr old! The last recruitment for pre-build membership closed in September 2021, as we entered our pre-planning design phase.

Pre-build memberships were allocated through an application process designed and run by existing members which took into account

  • The applicant’s housing need.
  • People wanting to live cooperatively.
  • Who we think we might want to live with.
  • Who has the skills and time to contribute to the project.
  • The gaps in diversity and skills in the mix of the existing group

Pre-build members are people who want to put time into the process of making the co-op a reality. We intend that everyone who gains membership and contributes in the development and build will be offered housing in Furze Coop (if they are still members when the build is complete, in 2024). 

There is a possibility of an opportunity to join pre-build opening up if existing members leave.

Details of the 2021 pre-build membership joining process can be viewed here:

Becoming a member once housing is available

Our allocations policy is currently under development. It will prioritise a number of criteria, including housing need – a high portion of Furze lettings will be affordable or social rents.

People who live in Lockleaze or very nearby or who have a close connection to Lockleaze will be prioritised.

We will open applications in the months leading up to the move-in date.

You can fill in this form to express interest in hearing more from us -we’ll update you on our progress every few months and you’ll be the first to know when we open applications. We’d welcome expressions of interest from people who would like to help get the word out to local community in Lockleaze who might be interested in living in Furze, as well as people interested in living with us themselves.