Furze Housing Coop

Rowlandson Gardens, Lockleaze.

A beautiful photo of furze blossom, bright and warm in the summer sun
Furze, sometimes also known as Gorse or Whin.

We plan to build long-term secure, affordable, eco housing. As a housing co-op, it will be democratic and collectively owned and run by residents (no landlords!), and you don’t need any cash upfront to join. We will be a community enjoying shared meals and homes, and aiming to build a culture of mutual aid and support for each other. There will be about 20 bedrooms, made up of several self-contained units of different sizes from two-bedroom to six, and a shared communal space big enough for the whole community.

5 people looking at a model of the neighbourhood
Neighborhood model design experiments

We want to build housing for a community of people in a range of situations including younger and older people, those with and without children, and for people on a range of income including those receiving housing benefit. We also plan to support others to set up housing coops, in the neighborhood and beyond.